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When you become involved in the entertainment industry, comp cards are a necessity. This is a low cost way of selling yourself, the chance to make a great first impression. Comp cards show a model's photos, vital statistics and contact information.

Why Comp Card Express?

We are a 30 year old company that specializes in high quality offset printing. One of our specialties is printing model comp cards. With an excellent staff to support your needs we can guarantee that you will have a troublefree experience in the printing of your comp cards. With our digital workflow and high-end technology available to our clients, we can guarantee you a high quality product that will represent the way you want to look.

No other profession requires such a high quality self image. Comp cards, also known as ZED cards are your representive to potential clients. Comp card design is as important as the photo image. Good graphic design should compliment the model portfolio and comp card printing should be as professional as the design.

Our artists can help with your comp card layout and assist you every step of the way. Our turnaround is fast. You won't wait weeks for your comp card. We know you're anxious to show the world what you've got and we're there to help you!

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